Announcing a strategic local partnership between Macro 4 Benelux and Migrato B.V.

Joint offering provides customers with a fully managed and easy migration path to high performance digital archiving


Mechelen, February 19, 2015 - Macro 4 Benelux, a division of UNICOM Global, and the content migration specialists Migrato B.V. have entered into a partnership that will benefit their mutual customers. Through this new collaboration, both organizations will offer an enterprise class, high-performance digital archive solution. Migrato will deliver all services to migrate existing content to the digital archive. Macro 4’s Columbus software provides a digital archive that stores and presents all content in a secure manner. The Columbus solution is a high performance, high volume archiving and information delivery solution designed to meet the growing demands of large enterprises.

The strategic collaboration between Macro 4 Benelux and Migrato is in response to an increasing demand from customers to present high volumes of digital content within modern organizations and via web portals.

“When storing and accessing large quantities of digital documents - potentially in their millions - performance plays an important role. Macro 4’s software is specifically developed for this purpose,” said Ilse Borremans, Managing Director of Macro 4 Benelux. “It has a unique added value with regard to existing generic ECM Document Management and Collaboration suites and applications. While these applications are designed for controlling documents from creation to archiving or to help users work with each other to develop and process content, Macro 4’s software focuses on providing fast access to static documents and has become an important component of a customer communication management solution (CCM). Partnering with Migrato for the fast migration of external content to the Macro 4 solution is the perfect complement to our product and service portfolio.”

The strategic collaboration between Macro 4 and Migrato combines expertise in high-performance digital archiving with expertise in content migration. A related benefit is that the technique can be used to structure migrated content in an optimal way to provide easy access for an organization’s staff.

Digital transformation of the knowledge worker

Knowledge workers within document-intensive organizations are facing a digital transformation. The data needed for processing transactions comes from a number of sources, not just from physical (digitized) documents. In order to make the right decisions, a complete customer history is often required. A customer history contains all available information, including both internal data and documents, as well as external content. All of this digital content must be correctly organized; this requires enormous quantities of ‘documents’ to be tagged with the right contextual information. Analysis of document content combined with the correct classification of content is essential to drive efficient business processes.

“Migrato specializes in the analysis, organization and migration of content management systems, using our own methodology and unique software tooling. The content is classified during the migration from the digital mail room, ECM system or output production processes, without any need for manual intervention, and is then transferred to the digital archive,” said Oscar Dubbeldam, director of Migrato B.V. “As a result, the management costs of the new archive environment are lowered by at least ten to twenty percent. Cost savings due to reduced search times, combined with faster access, lower management costs and better service, make the ROI for these kinds of projects very attractive.”

The collaboration between Migrato and Macro 4 will have its first showcase at the upcoming ‘Digital transformation for the knowledge worker’ event on March 19th, 2015. For more information, please visit the website of Macro 4 or Migrato.

About Macro 4

Macro 4, a division of UNICOM Global, develops software solutions to improve the performance of business-critical applications and processes. Macro 4’s solutions for information delivery, data management, fault analysis and performance management are easy to use, fast to implement and deliver value quickly in even the most complex IT environments.

Macro 4’s information delivery solutions drive document-intensive processes such as customer communications management (CCM), order to cash automation (sales order processing, eInvoicing, credit management and cash allocation) and business-critical output management. These solutions make it easier for organizations to reliably access and deliver and access business content using multiple channels, including print, email, mobile devices and the Web.

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About Migrato

Migrato provides system integration and project implementation services in the field of content classification, optimization and migration. Migrato’s consultants have many years’ experience in the Dutch document and content management market, with particular expertise in the financial and industrial sectors. The success of Migrato is directly linked to the company’s ability to provide custom expertise and solutions that transform latent content into current knowledge for an organization.

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