VAMED AG relies on ITSM software from iET Solutions for configuration, change and incident management

International health care provider optimizes IT asset management with iET ITSM


VAMED AG, an international service provider in the health sector, is using IT Service Management (ITSM) software from iET Solutions to support its ISO 27001 certification and to optimize the management of IT assets.

The iET ITSM software has been implemented at VAMED’s headquarters in Vienna by Softpoint electronic, iET Solutions’ partner in Austria.

Configuration Management

VAMED manages approximately 7,000 configuration items (CIs) in its configuration management database (CMDB). These include notebook and desktop PCs, monitors, printers and chargeable third party software, including security software tokens. The Altiris client management software which VAMED uses to manage client hardware, is integrated with iET ITSM. This allows VAMED to monitor the differences between the actual state of IT assets according to the Altiris software and the targeted state according to iET ITSM.

"A great added benefit provided by iET ITSM is the historical information it holds about all our IT assets. Now we can understand the changes to any asset much more easily and know exactly when devices were transferred between users. This is also true for the users associated with specific assets - we are now always aware of who uses which assets and what happened to an asset when that person stopped using it. Because the system is integrated with our client management software we are always sure that we are working with the most recent data in iET ITSM," explains Thomas Gallistl, Head of IT Services at VAMED.

Change Management

iET ITSM supports the IT department in the procurement, installation and decommissioning of IT assets. Each procurement is handled as a ‘change’; all documents, such as orders, delivery notes and invoices, are appended to the change and can be accessed from iET ITSM at any time.

When provisioning systems for a new employee, the whole process, including creating a new user; processing the acquisition; setting up hardware and software; and allocating an asset such as a cell phone, is logged within the iET ITSM software. VAMED uses designated change templates to
assign dependencies and authorizations for individual changes.

"By documenting the allocation and recovery of IT equipment and all actions related to granting and revoking user privileges in iET ITSM, we have created a vital foundation for an effective system to manage user access to IT assets. This was a requirement that arose from our ISO 27001 certification," says Christina Haas, Information Security & Risk Manager, VAMED Management and Services.

Incident Management

First level support for VAMED is provided by an external service provider. The service provider originally worked with its own custom installation of iET ITSM while second-level and third-level support were provided by VAMED’s internal IT department using a different system. This meant that support services were delivered using two separate systems.

Now the support process has been simplified so that first-level, second-level and third-level support teams all use the same iET ITSM system. This has the advantage of allowing incidents to be managed across all support teams using the latest data in the configuration management database.

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Founded in 1982, VAMED ( has become the leading global provider of a full line of services for hospitals and other health care facilities. The group has implemented more than 650 projects in 72 countries on four continents. VAMED’s portfolio ranges from project development, planning and turnkey equipment via maintenance, technical, commercial and infrastructure services to the total operational management of health care facilities. With its portfolio of services, VAMED covers the entire range of health care, from wellness and preventive medicine via medical care and nursing to aftercare and rehabilitation. VAMED is Austria’s leading private provider of rehabilitation services and, through VAMED Vitality World, the company is also Austria's largest operator of thermal spas and health resorts. In the year 2013, the VAMED group was responsible for some 16,000 staff worldwide, generating a volume of business of €1,400 million.

About Softpoint electronic

The software development house Softpoint electronic (, with its head office in Steyregg near Linz, Austria, was set up in 1987 and currently employs 29 staff. Its activities are focused on implementing IT service management solutions and on implementing and operating IT systems. Regular staff training and accreditation (e.g. ITIL®) guarantee that its customers’ stringent quality requirements are met. The company’s target group in the ITSM business sector includes industrial, commercial, banking and public enterprises in Austria.

About iET Solutions

iET Solutions (, a division of UNICOM Global, provides a flexible and comprehensive out-of-the-box service management solution that is designed to support ITIL® best practices. Fully integrated, highly configurable and built to scale, our certified software solution, iET ITSM, can easily meet any organization’s needs.

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